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American Made Plumbing: C36 License Classification - 1112549

Our American-made family-owned plumbing company prides itself on the great American principles of excellence and service!
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Fully Licensed, Family Owned, and Insured

American Made Plumbing is fully licensed and insured in the state of California. Business Integrity, accountability, and honor backed by our beautiful state!

What Sets Us Apart?

Our Services

American Made Plumbing Services in California
residential plumbing service

Residential plumbing service

This comprehensive service encompasses a range of specialized areas. Moving into an existing home? Worried about plumbing surprises? We got you covered! Existing homes only. Click for existing residential plumbing repairs!

commercial plumbing services

Commercial plumbing service

Different from residential service packages, commercial plumbers specialize in serving commercial establishments. We, at American Made Plumbing, only do light commercial work. Click here for light-sized commercial service!

drainage plumbing

Plumbing Drainage service

A clogged drain is the most common problem that homeowners face. We can free up those lines or give the best recommendations to address any potential issues that exist. Click here for plumbing drainage service!

water supply plumbing

Expert Water supply services

Some of the common water supply issues that our clients face are water backflow, drips, leaks, and blockages in various water supply systems of the house or smaller commercial properties. Click here for water supply plumbing!

water heater repair

Water heater repair service

Hot water is a must in every household for daily chores such as cooking, cleaning, and bathing. This is especially true in the winter seasons. Water heaters are a crucial part of living the good life! Click here for water heater repair service!

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Professional gas line repair Services

Gas Line safety is as serious as it gets. Don't take any chances. At AMP we insist that our certified gas fitters possess the necessary licenses to install, repair, and replace gas pipes. Click here for gas line repairs!

sewer line plumbing services

Expert Sewer line services

American Made Plumbers knows how important your plumbing is to your home, health, and family. We can quickly handle any sewer line problem you might have with knowledge and skill! We'll treat your situation as if it were ours. Click here for sewer line service!

sanitary plumbing

Sanitary plumbing service

Our plumbers diagnose and repair any possible issues related to sanitary tanks and pipes in both residential & commercial environments. Sanitary issues can be a real nightmare. Let us wake you up. Call today! Click here and let us handle the dirty work!

Residential Services

American Made Plumbing Residential Services In California
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residential plumbing service

Residential Plumbing

American Made Plumbing is proud to offer a wide range of high-quality plumbing services for residential customers. Our experienced and highly skilled plumbers are committed to providing you with the best possible service, ensuring that your plumbing issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

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Click here for water supply plumbing!

Why Choose Us

Industry Experience

We have seen the good the bad and the ugly. Decades of experience at your service. Let us show you the way.

Evolving Trade Education

Plumbing is an ongoing evolution of design, features, and methodology. We stay on the cutting edge.

American Passion & Purpose

We love what we do. Good old-fashioned American principles & customer service is what we live for!

Trade Craft & Diligence

It's not just about knowing, it's also about integrity and honor. That is "Trade Craft."

Emergency Plumbing Services 24/7

Day or night, holiday or work day, at American Made Plumber we're there for you when you need us. Period!
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American Made Plumbing

Family-owned American-made business!

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